Every kitchen is unique

Every kitchen we build is unique and customised to complement the architectural space. Sharp lines and miter jointed surfaces give a light expression that integrates beautifully with both modern and classical buildings. The surfaces are coated  with natural linoleum or carefully chosen veneer balanced with our handmade handles. The counters are of stone or solid wood. The result is a calm and forward-looking kitchen. It is a piece of furniture in itself as well as functional tool for cooking and am intimate frame for spending meaningful time together.

Collaborative planning

In close collaboration with you we will make a kitchen that will meet all your needs for many years to come. We will plan a room that fits the activities you imagine. We will make a design that will stay fresh for years to come. And we will help you choose the right long lasting materials that gain patina and become a natural part of your life. We will be there from concept to completion.

Materials and build quality

We are furniture makers with strong opinions about form, function and materials. We will never compromise on the choice of materials and the build quality. Here are some of the dogmas. 


All fronts have a beautiful veneer back side and solid wooden edges. The actual fronts consist of either natural linoleum or a carefully chosen veneer image. This means we can give the wood more or less attention depending on the architecture.


Solid wood, stone or concrete.


Contrary to other high end kitchens we are building our cabinets out of natural playwood instead of chipboards. That means incomparable longevity and less formaldehyde emissions.


We make our drawers from solid wood. The sides are precisely joined together with through dovetail joints. The dovetail joint is very strong and a sign of human touch.

Pullout Shelves

All shelves can be pulled out to ease the access and give useful room for storage.


Our handles are handmade in Vienna. They are made of an untreated brass and will gain a beautiful patina.

Sink and faucet

We are offering handmade custom brass sinks from Ono and other high quality sinks that will last and age with beauty. Faucets from Vola and other quality brands that fits our aesthetics.


The importance of light is underestimated. Planning your kitchen we are thinking deeply about both natural and high quality electrical light sources.


The appliances are an important part of your kitchen. They should fit your needs and the aesthetics of the kitchen as a whole. We are cooperating with top suppliers to offer you the very best counseling before you make your choice.

Handmade but rationel

Custom-build and handmade does not mean that we build in all forms and shapes with stone axes. Our production is known for rationality when it makes sense and for craftsmanship when that is what it takes to make the result unique. Every single piece passes through our hands for finishing and a final quality check.

Our ways of production means that we can offer the best quality for a reasonable price. Taking the lifespan into account we are curtain that choosing beauty is the most rational of choices – both environmentally and monetarily.